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Teaching Immersive Skills During Covid-19

One of the activities AVimmerse have been conducting is continued teaching at several universities. They held virtual workshops and delivered presentations to The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, where two types of sessions were delivered: academic learning and practical workshops.

The academic sessions were designed to explore where the theory of gaming, TV, and the metaverse meets immersive arts. Workshop activities including rapid prototyping for 360 film, virtual reality, design thinking, and augmented reality production.

All sessions were delivered to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The following subject titles were used to frame the learning:

· How Immersive Technology is Shaping the Future of Popular Media.

· The Future of Immersive Arts and Performance.

· Immersive Art Game Design.

· Augmented Reality Production.

· An Introduction to VR and Rapid Prototyping

‘The challenge has been to enable people to have hands-on learning over a video call. But actually there is a lot we could do to ensure people could take part in activities designed to stimulate new ideas and creating work’.

AVimmerse used design thinking and sprint methodologies to facilitate the creation of ideas, as well as setting tasks and splitting people into work teams. This has led to the production of several student works during what has been a challenging period.


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