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AR & VR for Your Organisation

Empower your teams to make the right decision, every time. Stand out with captivating content.

Do it all with an expert team of mixed reality producers, artists and technicians who know how to realise your marketing vision and help you smash your organisational goals.

With mixed reality technology evolving all the time, the possibilities for your organisation are endless. Here are just some of the incredible things you can achieve with our help today.


Training & Development

  • Conduct safer, more cost-effective training – on-location and remotely.

  • Reduce costly mistakes and maximise your team’s learning engagement and retention.

  • Encourage more collaborative working and knowledge sharing amongst your teams.

  • Gather real-time metrics on learning progress and improve decision making.

Sales & Marketing

  • Stand out from the competition. Bring your brand and product stories to life!  

  • Build excitement and win loyalty from your customers by immersing them in your world.

  • Increase conversions and lower product returns by letting people try before they buy.

  • Gather more reliable market research and improve design decision making.

How Is It Done?

Though it’s cutting-edge, the technology we use is not outside your scope. We make things simple so mixed reality slides perfectly into your pre-existing mix of tools.

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Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality
VR Servicez

The most immersive kind of extended media, VR removes viewers from their immediate surroundings and puts them right inside a world of your design. By using all kinds of media production - from 360 film to animation design and gaming - VR brings your content to life and allows users to interact with your brand on a deeper, more emotive level than ever before.

This deep-level immersion drives high engagement levels and knowledge retention, making it an increasingly popular tool for staff training, virtual events and corporate storytelling - in both the private and public sectors.

Help Us Tell Our Story!

If you’ve ever used an Instagram filter or played on Pokémon Go, you’ve used AR! In fact, most people use AR every day without even noticing.

Unlike virtual reality (which puts users in an artificially created environment), AR brings digital content into the real world, by superimposing media onto real life objects and surfaces.

This technology has become incredibly popular within the art, fashion, homeware and cosmetics industries - where customers often want to know how a product might fit into their lives before they buy.

Although most branded AR content requires a bespoke application - which our developers can easily build for you – all users need to access it is a smartphone.

Bring Our Content to Life!

Augmented Reality (AR)

360 Video Image

360 Video

Like VR, 360 video creates an immersive and memorable experience by putting the user right in the middle of a scenario.

It works by recording high-quality content from all angles, so viewers can explore every inch of the environment captured – either by ‘looking around’ in a VR headset, or clicking and dragging the screen when using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

From theatre shows to customer service stimulations, location tours to documentaries, 360 video allows you to take audiences on a captivating journey, wherever they are in the world.

Let’s Get Immersive!


Want to use VR, AR or 360 media for your organisation but you don’t know where to start?

Book a consultation with us today.

After hearing about your goals, vision and budget, our expert founder, Keith Myers, offers practical,

actionable advice to help you realise your unique mixed

reality dream.

Keith is trusted by some of the UK’s biggest education providers to teach the next generation of mixed reality content producers, artists, technicians and developers.

So you can rest assured the advice he gives is second-to-none.

Let’s Talk!

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Drone Media

Looking for top quality drone videos, photos and marketing material to promote your business? We have the solution.


Our team can provide you with anything from detailed aerial photography, to high quality video footage of your business.

Our certified drone operators are always on standby, and allow you to gain the best view of your project or event. We offer a professional drone service, provided by experienced pilots with the best equipment.

Find Out More

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