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Drone Media Production

  • Site surveying: roof inspections and mapping.

  • 3D Scanning for application deployment.

  • Aerial images of properties.

  • Cinematic filming & photography for new productions.


Looking for top quality drone videos, photos and marketing material to promote your business? We have the solution. Our team can provide you with anything from detailed aerial photography, to high quality video footage of your business.

Our certified drone operators are always on standby, and allow you to gain the best view of your project or event. We offer a professional drone service, provided by experienced pilots with the best equipment.

Property Showcases

Are you looking for a way to show off your property? Take it to the next level! We offer the most immersive of experiences to showcase your property and product, in stunning video and photography. Whether it’s golf clubs, commercial properties or private homes, we can provide them all. 

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How do we do it?

Using a small drone and an attached action camera, we can fly through the most demanding of Environments, and produce a smooth and cinematic look to a video.

Corporate 360 Degree Aerial Photography & Video

Document construction projects, survey properties and premises, and create tours of new business assets with the format that tells the entire story. Our 360º aerial services capture detailed visuals of public and private spaces.

Case Studies

St Elphin's Church Warrington

The parish Church in Warrington was chronicled in the doomsday book of 1085, following the Norman conquest of England in 1066. The church was allegedly built upon an ancient ceremonial site, predating Christianity. 

In 2021, we were contracted to conduct a survey of the church for a roof inspection and regeneration of the site. Using photography and scanning techniques, we were able to provide quality images for the conducted work which led to a new roof installation.

As we love to film, we also put this reel together for you, to express the beauty and importance of the church to the local community.

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Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum


Situated in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, the museum is a beacon of history and social good for the local community, offering stories of founding principles of the fire service in the UK.

We were approached by the museum to conduct a survey of the roof space and hose tower. This enabled them to ascertain any damage caused to the tower structure. In this instance, we provided high-quality images that allowed them to plan maintenance of the exterior tower wall.

Firehouse Aeiral Image.jpeg

Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum 


Our pilots are accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority, and we fly under EU and UK legislation to conduct aerial activities within the law. Specifically, we operate the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems under a GVC – General VLOS Certificate in the UK, and an EU A1-A3 certificate for licenced flying operations in Europe.

-    Roof inspection 
-    Property photography 

-    TV & film hire 
-    Other services include 3D scanning and landscape surveying. 

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