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Pioneers in XR: Elevate Your Game Reality

This event will delve into the intersection of XR technology, personal performance, and interactive entertainment.

Our upcoming event, "Pioneers in XR: Elevate Your Game Reality," on June 6th, will focus on creating and designing VR experiences and exploring innovative XR technology for interactive entertainment, including games and sports."

This event will delve into the intersection of XR technology, personal performance, and interactive entertainment, showcasing how they combine to produce new products for virtual engagement. Featured speakers will include pioneers in this field, such as Rezzil, known for their ground-breaking approach to sports training, and Fallen Planet Studios, renowned for their XR gaming ventures. More speakers to be announced shortly.

Pioneers in XR is curated by Keith Myers and Dr. Maria Stukoff with an aim to bring together researchers, producers, artists, and creatives in the field of immersive, extended reality technology to support an open community to explore the development of XR ideas and technologies.

Veune The University of Salford MediaCityUK – The Foyer B4, Orange Tower, Salford M50 2HE.

Overview of the event

  • 17:30 Arrivals, grab a bite and networking.

  • 18:00 Dr. Maria Stukoff - The University of Salford. Welcome.

  • 18:10 Keith Myers, AVImmerse - Trends in XR.

  • 1 8: 20 Adam Dickinson, Co-Founder and Development Director, Rezzil.

  • 19:00 Alex Moretti, Co-founder and CEO of Fallen Planet Studios.

  • 19:30 Fireside XR chat and Q&A

  • 19:45 Networking.

  • 20:15 Drinks at MediaCity’s Dockyard.


Alex Moretti, co-founder and CEO of Fallen Planet Studios, leads an independent development studio dedicated to developing immersive games and experiences for Virtual Reality (VR). Established in 2013, Fallen Planet emerged as one of the pioneers in VR game development, producing successful titles like the chilling VR horror experience, "AFFECTED: The Manor." With a team boasting over three decades of combined experience in gaming and related industries, Fallen Planet Studios excels in game development, design, graphics, product development, and sound design.

Adam Dickinson, Co-Founder and Director, Rezzil is one of the world's leading XR sports trainer who have been developing unique VR sports training experiences to improve performance using applied research and working with some of the world's élite sport sectors. Adam is an industry veteran in art/design/producer working for companies such as EA, Activision, Bizzare, Rage and Infogrammes with a lifetime passion for innovating with ground-breaking projects, including platforms such as mobile, console, VR tech, 360 videos, interactive dramas, TV, and Film and sport tech products.

Community Event

Our aim is to link enthusiasts, artists, business owners, and individuals intrigued by new technology. We strive to ensure the event is inclusive, welcoming people from diverse backgrounds, transforming it into a space where ideas and knowledge can freely circulate. We actively engage with other organisations and communities, such as VR Manchester, MediaCity’s Immersive Technologies Innovation Hub, and GameTech365 @HOST, fostering collaboration and community engagement.

This event serves as commission of the University of Salford's HEIF-funded '3D Unity Centre of Excellence on Campus' programme. Its objective is to forge recognised industry pathways for local talent and position the region as a leading global immersive hub. Through this professional certification, we provide industry accreditation to our Salford students, empowering them with essential immersive 3D skills tailored for their future careers.


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