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Immersive Manchester Presents: Pioneers in XR

Our latest event, under the guise of Immersive Manchester, took place on 28/06. This was our second event as Immersive Manchester, and we welcomed contributions from Dr Maria Stukoff from Salford University as a collaborator.

Tickets were advertised via Eventbrite.

From the Event:

"Another successful event - thanks all for coming to Immersive Manchester’s Pioneers in #XR.

Approx. 55 in attendance to hear about work from Emma Nuttall, Caroline White and Lucy Hammond.

Cohosted with the brilliant Dr Maria Stukoff from The University of Salford - thanks to HOST Salford for the space. Food, drinks and support from their brilliant staff. Big shout out to Paul Donovan-Hart for going the extra mile and being so helpful!

We had News from Professor Andy Miah 🎓 on funding opportunities in Salford as well as HOST’s new programme. So lots of opportunities!"

"🌟 Just had an incredible time attending Immersive Manchester Presents: Pioneers in XR event at HOST Salford .

Privileged to hear from inspiring speakers who shared their groundbreaking projects and work in the realm of VR, AR, and beyond. 🚀

Special thanks to Keith Myers Dr Maria Stukoff for organizing such an insightful gathering of researchers, producers, artists, and creatives in the immersive technology field. 👏.

Lovely speech by Professor Andy Miah 🎓 telling us about MediaCity Immersive Technologies Innovation Hub and many more!!!

Paul Donovan-Hart also introduced with our big upcoming plans about #GameTech365 and #GameTech arena plus launch of @MEA academy for esports.

Powerful and energetic guest speakers Emma NuttallLucy Hammond and Caroline White shared splendid projects they have been working on!!!

Thats not the least ,Amazed to meet my people from The University of SalfordDr Juan Hiriart and Annabeth Robinson.

"It was a pleasure attending the Pioneers in XR event! Showcasing innovativing and creative ways of exploring VR in different ways.

Despite learning the endless possibilities through digital storytelling by using immersive technology and the knowledgable and captivating experiences, attending the event for pioneers in XR offered unparalleled networking opportunities. Connecting with like-minded individuals, industry professionals, and researchers in the field opening doors to collaborations and partnerships that drive innovation forward was a hopeful experience for digital creators like myself out there in the field!"


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