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Syringe & Pandemic: XR Prototype

Creating medical simulations for researchers using immersive technology. 

The Client

In 2022, we flew out to Saudi Arabia to work at the cultural centre in Dammam, at Ithra in Saudi Arabia, to deliver a one-day masterclass on unity game engine production and a one day mentoring session on unity projects.


See blog post:


Emergency Room VR.jpg

Emergency Room VR

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During this visit, our creative director delivered training and met with project teams who were making work for the 2022/2023 Ithra creative solutions programme. 
Essentially, a number of project teams are funded to make virtual reality experiences over the duration of the academy placement. This typically takes place over a year. We were invited to deliver a masterclass as part of that programme.

Syringe and Pandemic Menu.jpg

Syring & Pandemic UI Menu


We met with several project teams who in our view were pushing the boundaries of immersive technology development to a new level. Some notable teams and projects included:

Find Your Joy. An augmented reality experience.
Symphony of Life by Uhoud Alminhali. A VR experience. 
Syringe and Pandemic by Abdullah Alosaimi. A VR job simulator type training experience. 
Hejaz Railway: A Witness of Time Project by Atheer Alharbi, Hanan Makki and Omar Khashoggi, which we later went on to mentor.

Syringe & Pandemic XR

After providing feedback on several projects during our visit to Saudi Arabia, it became apparent that one project in particular needed a lot of support and studio production. Therefore, AVimmerse stepped in to help produce the Syringe and Pandemic VR project. 

We used the existing models the client had procured, and built three core scenes. The main menu scene, the emergency inside the ambulance, and the hospital scene where the user has to perform a life saving action. See the video here: 

Making the project come to life was possible because of our expert unity skills in programming, art work and delivery of virtual reality interactions. As we ship most of our projects in Unity, it was easy for us to take the reigns of this project and provide delivery to the clients brief. 


It's also worth noting that the project lead Abdullah Alosaim, had a clear and great vision for his project and we essentially helped him to achieve that goal. Working with Abdullah was a great experience and this is someone that will no doubt go on to create more interesting projects. 

Syringe & Pandemic Demo

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Client Feedback

What the client said. 
'Keith helped me a lot in my project. I’d really recommend him if you have coming VR projects.'


Abdullah Alosaimi

Quality Nurse Coordinator
King Abdullah Medical Complex - Jeddah

Abdullah Alosaimi.jpg
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Project Outcomes

We also provided advice and guidance on the projects mentioned above. This took the form of project reviews, recommendations for work, and guidance to the project teams in the form of meetings and completion of reports. Our actions led to the successful delivery of these projects and completion in time for the demonstration day at the Ithra exhibition space. 

The showcase of work for the Creative Solutions 2023 – Demo Day. See link:

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