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Pioneers in XR: How technology is changing our understanding of the past

Immersive Manchester presents: Pioneers in XR

How technology is changing our understanding of the past

Videos are now published online via the link:

About this event

In this third event of Pioneers in XR, we explore the impact technology is having in heritage with a focus on XR technology and its ability to engage and captivate audiences. Hear from our panel of researchers, producers, and creatives how they use innovative practices and immersive technologies to reimagine cultural and historical sites.

Pioneers in XR aims to bring together researchers, producers, artists, and creatives in the field of immersive, extended reality technology to support an open community to explore the development of XR ideas nd technologies.

Thursday 23/11 - 6pm until 8pm

Entrance next door to the Museum of Science and Industry.

  • Charge for ticket £2.00. All fees are donated to a local charity.

  • Headcount approx. 60 – this is available all groups 18+, regardless of industry.

Event Overview

  • Dr. Maria Stukoff, Welcome and Introduction to Pioneers in XR (10min)

  • Caroline White, Guest Chair, Insight to XR experiences and community outreach (10 min)

  • Speaker 1: Dr Juan Hiriart Vera. Bridging the Digital Divide: Empowering South-American Indigenous Communities through Immersive Technologies (15min)

  • Speaker 2: Keith Myers, XR Technology: Connecting Heritage to New Audiences. AVimmerse (15min)

  • Speaker 3: Dr John Piprani, Matterport Technology for accessibility within Heritage. UoM (15min)

  • Speaker 4: Dr Iris Kramer, pioneering the application of AI in archaeology. (15min)

Film Screening

During the event we will screen a short film made about the student journey at Arthur's Stone.

Community Event

Our goal is to connect enthusiasts, artists, business owners, and anyone with an interest in new technology. We want to make the event accessible to all people from varied backgrounds, into a place where ideas and learning can be shared.


Tickets for the event are charged at £2.00 – this is non-refundable – All fees are donated to a local charity.

Speaker Bios

Caroline White, MITIH & DARKFIELD

Is an XR producer and community engagement manager for MITIH, Manchester’s new hub and funding programme for immersive MediaCity and also works for immersive audio experience collective, DARKFIELD. Throughout her career, she has supported a wide range of heritage and place projects in XR within XR businesses, universities and creative organisations helping to bring animation, music and broadcast archives to life in Manchester and Bradford and working with architects to animate places using AR storytelling and performance. Partners she has worked with include the BBC, The Science Museum, Manchester Metropolitan University and Production Park.

Dr Juan Hiriart, The University of Salford

His research interests lie in the intersections between serious and critical gaming, digital heritage, and education. He is particularly interested in the development of participative and ethical design frameworks for historical game design, and, more generally, the use of games in contexts where they can promote positive social change.

Keith Myers, CEO @ AVimmerse

Is an artist, professional speaker, and the creative director of AVimmerse, who have produced immersive content for clients including: The NHS; BBC Arts; The Wildlife Trust; Liverpool John Moores University; CONTACT Theatre; and Gymshark. He teaches immersive media production techniques, and works with leading institutions in the UK, including: The University of Manchester; Manchester Metropolitan University; HOST Salford and Liverpool John Moores University.

Dr John Piprani, The University of Manchester

Is Archaeology Technician at the University of Manchester (UoM) and a Visiting Lecturer (early European prehistory) at the University of Chester. During lockdown, with no fieldwork to organise, he was instead tasked with using Matterport technology to create digital 3D scans of cultural institutions. These were to facilitate virtual visits by UoM museum studies students. Through this process he has become interested in how Matterport, a technology designed for Estate Agents to sell space, can be of value as a tool to promote accessibility within Heritage Institutions.

Dr Iris Kramer

Iris did her undergrad and masters in Archaeology and a PhD in Computer Science on the use of deep learning to detect archaeological sites on Earth Observation data. Early 2020 she founded ArchAI a startup that is de-risking land development by automatically detecting geo-risks including archaeology. ArchAI has customers including the Forestry Commission and the National Trust and received support from Geovation, the Royal Academy of Engineering (Enterprise Fellowship), SPRINT, the UK Space Agency, NESTA, the ESA Business Incubation Centre and Innovate UK.


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