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Next Generation Healthcare Systems

Project Outline

Working with the NHS and Realspace on a collaborative project, we were able to create five immersive training simulations aimed at teaching the next generation of general practitioners the correct administrative procedure for resolving specific health care issues.


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Capturing High-Quality Stereo Video

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How it Works

There is a facility to view the experiences on a virtual reality headset or via a secure website on a 2D screen.  

The short video below provides an overview of the immersive experience.  Using interactive tools we have custom built, the user is able to navigate the experience.  

You put on a Virtual Reality headset and experience five pre-recorded scenarios at your own pace and of your own choosing.  The user is then asked to choose the correct response for the clinical scenario they have just experienced.  As a user, you are provided with feedback in the form of an incorrect/correct response and a subject matter expert talks you through the methodology and the rationale for the choice.  

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Our Approach

Using the NICE health guidelines as a reference point, we were able to work with the health authority to create the scenarios and define the scripts.  These were then validated by a senior board of healthcare professionals before being signed-off.  

After this took place we assisted the construction of the scripted material to be captured and offered studio production locations suitable for constructing the experience.


Design Process

Working with professional actors, we were able to provide direction, give notes on performances and get the very best out of the time we had together.

We used the latest high-quality capture techniques to capture the audio and visual performance.  In post-production this material was edited and polished.  The material was then taken into a game engine and we built the interactivity and subsequence immersive experience.

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Dr Robert Black from Realspace

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The Result

  • An application tool that has assisted the training of GP’s in the NHS local region.

  • Deploying the experience has proved a decrease in the amount of time taken to completing the learning modules.

  • An increase in learning retention as measured by analysing previous training programmes.

Taking the Actors Through Their Lines

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The experience is currently undergoing clinical tests to tailor any future versions of the program.  The experience has been developed for Oculus GO, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest virtual reality devices. 

We hired a professional voice actor, Edward Darling, for some of the narration in this experience. 

You can find his profile here.

Using Surgery Locations

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