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DIGITAL FUTURES - Transforming our world: The Metaverse; Immersive Technology; Tools and Virtual.

During the height of the pandemic, AVimmerse were invited by the University of Manchester to host a technology talk on the transformative power of immersive technology.

The topics AVimmerse covered included:

· A definition of immersive technology

· Tools to create 360 experiences

· Tools to create virtual reality

· Where the immersive technology sector is heading

· Leveraging technology in a pandemic

· Virtual production techniques

· Volumetric filmmaking

· Virtual reality for dementia

· What is the metaverse?

This was for the incubator hub or digital futures University of Manchester organisation:

‘Digital Futures is a highly interdisciplinary network which operates across the whole range of the University’s digital research. The aim of Digital Futures is to present a coherent overview of our digital research activity to external stakeholders and bring together our research communities to explore new research areas and address strategic opportunities.’

Read more about them via the website:

Tickets for the event were sold via eventbrite.


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